About Us

 Hello, my name is Pauline Woody, and I am a first-time business owner with my sister Queen Cunningham. The beginning of the new entrepreneurship started in the year of 2013.   

We inherited our new business from Mr. & Mrs. Williams two close friends. They entrusted in us that we would do very well. The company was called Toggle.  Toggle was a soul food restaurant that surrounded the area of North Memphis and the Frayser community. 

As the restaurant grows, we lost the most important person who supported us as a family business: our belated mother, Doshia Taper.  Our mother, Doshia supported and contributed to the growth of the company. After the death of our mother, Toggle was closed to rebuild.  In 2015 Ms. Ds Wings was created to represent the passing of our mother, Doshia Mae Taper. 

Now in the present time, Ms. D's Wings is supporting and contributing to all associations and communities.  As the co-founder  Pauline and Queen of Ms. D's. Wing, we would like to thank all of our supporters and the communities.